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Why BounceBox?

BounceBox is a versatile and practical solution for the kitchen. Made from 100% platinum silicone, it’s safe to use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer. The dual seal lid allows for vented reheating and a leakproof seal to keep food fresh and secure. Whether you're baking a meal, warming up leftovers, or storing food for later, BounceBox is an excellent choice for convenient and worry-free meal preparation and storage.

Get creative with your BounceBox. This unique container has so many potential uses. Use your BounceBox for casseroles, quiches, soups, popcorn, single-serve desserts, oatmeal, and more, the possibilities are endless.  

Microwave Safe

BounceBox is safe for use in the microwave, making it a convenient option for reheating leftovers or easily cooking food directly in the container. 

Dishwasher Safe

BounceBox is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and hassle-free cleaning after use. 

Oven Safe Up To 425°

BounceBox is also a baking and cooking companion. It is oven safe up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can cook and bake directly in the container. 

Freezer Safe

BounceBox is freezer safe, making it a convenient option for weekly meal prepping and leftover storage. 

BounceBox - 8oz Round

The 8oz BounceBox is a compact and convenient size for storing small portions of food. Perfect for snacks, dips, lunches, and smaller servings. 

BounceBox - 20oz Round

The 20oz BounceBox is a good size for storing meals and share servings. It’s ideal for meal prep, storing leftovers, or baking a dish. 

BounceBox - Nesting Duo

The BounceBox Nesting Duo, consisting of both the 8oz and 20oz containers, offers a complete and practical food storage solution. 

Seal 1: Vented

To vent your BounceBox, simply press evenly around the rim until you feel the lid click into the first notch of the dual-rimmed bowl. This versatile seal is designed to maintain the moisture of your leftovers or prepped meals, making it ideal for reheating in the microwave or cooking in the oven. You can use this feature to steam vegetables, make popcorn, or keep food from making a mess in the microwave. Whether you're warming up yesterday's dinner or cooking a new dish, the vented seal will help ensure perfectly moist and delicious results every time. 

Seal 2: Leakproof

In addition to the vented seal, BounceBox also features a second, leakproof seal. To lock your lid, firmly press down until you feel a second click. Your container is now sealed and leakproof, making it the perfect solution to conveniently and reliably store and transport food. Whether you're packing a lunch to go, taking snacks on a road trip, or simply storing leftovers in the fridge, the leakproof seal will keep your food secure and prevent spills and leaks. 

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