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  • Homemade Granola

      Homemade Granola 5 Servings. 20 minutes. Who knew homemade granola could be so easy and so delicious? Try out this recipe to make your entire hou...
  • Essential Edamame Bowl

    Essential Edamame Bowl Time: 10-20 minutes Looking for a quick and easy meal prep idea that's both delicious and nutritious? Try this Edamame Bow...
  • Dark Sky Week

    International Dark Sky Week is a week-long celebration of the beauty of the night sky and the need to preserve it for future generations. It aims to raise awareness about light pollution and its effects on our planet and wildlife.

    U-Konserve is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and preserving our planet for future generations. We believe that protecting the night sky is an essential part of this mission. That's why we want to take this opportunity to raise awareness and take action to preserve our nighttime environment.

  • Sustainable Thanksgiving Tips

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and what better way to show your gratitude for the planet than by incorporating sustainable practices into...