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Best Ever Vegan Chili



Best Ever Vegan Chili

It's the perfect time to savor the warmth and heartiness of a delicious vegan chili. Packed with wholesome ingredients and robust flavors, this recipe fills your bowl and your stomach!


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano, garlic powerder, onion powder, and salt
  • 1 large sweet potato, diced 
  • 2 cans (15 oz) black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can (15 oz) fire-roasted diced tomatoes (with juices) or 1 1/2 cups diced fresh tomatoes
  • 1 can (6 oz) tomato paste
  • 1 can (4oz) diced green chilies
  • 2 cups water or vegetable broth


  1. In a pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Sauté the diced onion until translucent, then add minced garlic, chili powder, cumin, dried oregano, garlic powder, onion powder, and pink salt.

  2. Toss in the diced sweet potato and let it mingle with the flavorful mix. Allow the sweet potato to soften slightly.

  3. Incorporate the drained black beans, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, tomato paste, and diced green chilies into the pot. Stir well.

  4. Pour in water or vegetable broth, bringing the chili to a gentle simmer. Let it simmer uncovered, allowing the flavors to meld and the sweet potatoes to become tender.

  5. Once the sweet potatoes are fork-tender, taste and adjust the seasoning if needed. Your vegan chili is now a masterpiece, ready to serve, store, or freeze in U-Konserve!

Serve & Store:

Serve this vegan chili with your favorite toppings – some avocado slices, a dollop of vegan sour cream, or a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. When it comes to storing leftovers, our U-Konserve containers are the ideal choice.

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