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Our Impact

Our mission is deeply rooted in fostering change in daily habits, and helping spread the word so that our work is heard, shared and has an impact on our planet. Below are a few recent campaigns where we’ve directly helped change some mindsets and reduce a lot of waste. 

Switch the Straw

Americans use enough plastic straws every day to wrap the Earth 2.5 times. Thankfully, there is a strong movement to reduce their impact. We estimate that we’ve kept 74,000,000 plastic straws out of the waste stream, but there’s still a lot of work to do. One reusable straw can have a profound impact. Links: Blog post, Images and Resources on our Pinterest board

Waste-Free Mini

At Natural Products Expo West in California we started a movement that we hope will catch on: We gave away hundreds of reusable stainless steel Mini Containers to attendees and exhibitors to use for drink and snack samples at the show. Instead of using the thousands of plastic tasting cups, people used our reusable stainless steel containers—and loved them. We changed a lot of habits and estimate that we saved 8,000 disposable cups from heading to landfill! Links: Blog post, Instagram post